• Rodrigo Ventura
    Life Sciences and Technology, undergraduate

    El Salvador Daily reported on Rodrigo Ventura's experiences. Rodrigo, an undergraduate student from El Salvador, is studying at the School of Life Sciences and Technology. He recently participated in a scientific and technological innovation competition. Below is a partial English translation of the report:

    "My dream was to become a biologist. After completing my medical studies in El Salvador, I pursued specialization in genetics. At the age of 18, I made the decision to study in China. Upon receiving the Chinese Government Scholarship, I enrolled at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology.I've learned that this university is a global leader in bioengineering research, boasting advanced laboratory equipment and robust scientific research support. Currently, I'm 21 years old. I've enrolled to participate in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) in 2024. This competition stands as one of the most significant events in the field of synthetic biology globally, drawing participation from college students representing over 30 countries worldwide. The team I joined comprised 25 students from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, representing various disciplines both locally and internationally. We named ourselves 'Broccoli Master' and aimed to synthesize the sulforaphane molecule, known for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, within E. coli. Throughout my time at the university, my peers and I participated in competitions such as the National College Student Life Science Competition, the National College Student Renewable Energy Outstanding Scientific and Technological Works Competition, and the Beijing College Student Energy Saving, Water Saving, Low Carbon, and Emission Reduction Technology Competition. These activities and projects aim to inspire college students to become more environmentally conscious, reflecting China's commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities in building a community with a shared future for mankind."

    The Salvadoran Daily is the largest circulation newspaper in the country. This report on the joint participation of Chinese and foreign students in a scientific and technological innovation competition fully demonstrates the outstanding achievements of our school's international education and the Sino-Foreign Friendship Exchange program for international talent development.

    Chemistry, PhD

    Words alone cannot express my gratitude for all the time I spent in BUCT. I met lot of great Chinese people and few other countries people and built great relationships. I would also like to let you know that I have never learning opportunity like this before and I really wish would have. So thank you to the BUCT community that fostered this great learning environment. It’s a really unique experience and I’m proud to be a graduate of BUCT.

    All the best and lots of love for China”

    International Economy and Trade, Undergraduate

    大家好。我叫阿丽雅,我是乌兹别克斯坦人。现在我是26岁。2015年我上大学了,终于2021年我快毕业了。我非常感谢中国给我一个伟大的人生课。 她教我走出困境,在没有父母帮助的情况下解决我的问题。我在那里经历了很多,有悲伤的时刻,但有更多的快乐时刻。 我遇到了那些现在总是和我在一起的人,我遇到了我最好的朋友。我非常感谢我们的大学给了我们这么多的知识,教了我们这么多。 所以,6年后,我从我最喜欢的大学毕业。有这么多的眼泪,这么多的神经,当有考试,当我们无法通过考试。 最后,只要我拿到学位,我就可以深吸一口气。现在,在乌兹别克斯坦,一年多来,我不能回到中国,我每天都记得我的学生时代,我非常想念北京。 北京已经成为我的第二个家。当大流行病过去了,我一定会回到北京,回到我长大的地方。我在中国还有很多事情要做,我还没有来得及做,我仍然必须看到中国的所有城市,与留在那里的朋友见面。所以,我亲爱的中国,我亲爱的家,等我,我一定会回来见我们的老师,我会分别说谢谢,我爱每个人。

  • Apasinee Lertkamolmal
    Business Administration, Master

    Thank you BUCT for a wonderful moment of mine in Beijing. I have met friends who come from different countries, we all speak with different languages and different cultures but here we have learned to speak the same language, which is Chinese. For me ,BUCT is not just only the University for studying  but also be my home in China and where I have gained a lot of valuable experiences.

    Business Administration, Master

    To Beijing University of Chemistry and Technology, thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity, so that I can experience a great education, share unforgettable memories and be a warm and peaceful place during my studies in China.
    I express a very big thank you to my supervisor, Professor Sun Yonglei. His great experience, noble personality, very communicative, always helpful in case of difficulties, have deep knowledge, sharp scientific insight, academic quest for innovation and strict academic attitude have provided me with managed guidance to work hard and keep improving. thank you so much for all my beloved friend in BUCT, firends who always supporting me even we are different culture and background. China is always in my heart

    Chemical Engineering and Technology, PhD

    I am Muhammad Asim Mushtaq from Pakistan, a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering and Technology at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) Beijing, China. My life in the BUCT was extremely beneficial to me. The BUCT provided me several opportunities to upgrade my information in the academic and non-academic fields, nurturing personal skills as well as enhancing future career development. I have published 10 research articles in various top SCI journals as well as one book Chapter and rewarded with several awards during my Ph.D. studies. I am very thankful to my Supervisor and all Teachers from the School of International Education (ISO), whose support and inspiration enabled me to accomplished the aforementioned achievements. I am also grateful to the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), Beijing University of Chemical Technology, School of International Education BUCT, and the People Republic of China for giving me the chance to expand my academic skills, and broad exposure through the programs, classes, seminars, and tours. I believed that the skills I have learned will help me to accomplish my future goals, and for that, I am truly grateful.

    Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Undergraduate

    Four years of college life is coming to an end, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to all those who have provided me with help, and then thanks to all the teachers who gave me lessons during my study ‚ you work hard on the platform to improve my knowledge. The extended guidance after class has broadened my professional horizon unprecedentedly. Secondly ‚ thank the students who helped me, whether it is in life or in the process of learning knowledge and they gave me help let me feel the precious friendship between class-mates we learn together, common progress, mutual care, mutual encouragement.Special thanks to my parents over the years to provide me with material and spiritual food, ‚ in the past 20 years they have been giving me the most selfless love, encouragement and support. I will be more enthusiastic to work in the post ‚ do not live up to their expectations of me. Finally, special thanks to all the teachers ♥️.

    Computer Science and Technology, Master

    My name is Ahmad Shehzad, I studied at Beijing university of Chemical Technology in Beijing. During my master study in China and I am very satisfied from Chinese education system. Then hospitality, care, and help of Chinese brothers and sisters helped me a lot in China. I visited, I always heard praise and respect by people around China. I would suggest all expats experience China at least once.

    China is great for adventurers who want to experience an exotic, stimulating and different country. Once you come to China, there’s no going back – it’s an enchanting destination where you can discover a country different from your own. It is one of the best countries in the world to visit. With its rich history and culture and ancient civilization, China is a top destination among foreigners and international students. In fact, the majority of student experiences in China are positive.

    China is the fourth largest country in the world by total land area. It’s also one of the most populous with a population of 1.404 billion. For this reason, there’s no shortage of amazing destinations in the country.

    I had a really good time in China and I will always remember with enjoy my time spent here. My university and all the people whom I met are absolutely different. It’s an incredible and interesting country/culture.