The International Student Dormitory of Beijing University of Chemical Technology provides different types of dormitory rooms to the international students. Included in each room are air-condition, refrigerator, internet, TV set and furniture. The apartments have the capacity of accommodating around 500 international students. The following table shows room rates of the international student dormitory for the different types of rooms available.


East campus: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, No.15, North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100029


North campus: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Nanjian Road No.29, Changping District, Beijing

Postcode: 102202


West campus: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, No.98, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Postcode: 100089


The university will arrange accommodation according to nationality, grade and living habits. Follow the arrangement and live in the assigned room. The accommodation charge of international student apartment building is calculated by day. The international student should pay the accommodation in accordance with the standard and the deadline as required. During the winter and summer vacations, if the international student wants to keep the room while he/she returns to his/her resident country or go for a travel, he/she has to pay the accommodation charge in accordance with the standard.


When you live off campus, never forget to get a Registration Form of Temporary Residence issued by the local police for your accommodation. Within 24 hours after you move in, please send your passport to the nearest local police station together with your landlord or the authorized agency for the registration. The Registration Form of Temporary Residence is another important document for your legal stay in China aside your passport and visa. Please keep it along with your passport. It is required for your application for a new visa, visa extension, additional entry or residence permit.


Reminded that, before you sign the contract or pay the rent, do confirm that the owner of the apartment/house is able to process the accommodation registration for you; otherwise, you will get into the trouble of illegal stay. Moreover, you need to renew the Temporary Residence Permit anytime you change your residence, changed your passport or renew your visa.