Multiple media outlets reported on the Dragon Boat Festival cultural exchange activities involving both Chinese and international teachers and students from BUCT

Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT) held a series of cultural exchange activities for Chinese and international teachers and students entitled "Dragon Boat Festival, Talking about Friendship" from May 29 to June 10.  Beijing Satellite TV, China Daily, and  "China Scholars Abroad" of the Ministry of Education reported on the event from various perspectives. Representatives of Chinese and international teachers and students from the university, as well as students from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang International Summer School in Thailand, participated in the event.

BTV report

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BRTV's "Good Morning Beijing" program reported on the Dragon Boat Festival cultural experience event held by Chinese and international teachers and students at BUCT on June 7. Vice President Wang Feng of BUCT attended the event and was interviewed. He introduced the organizational structure and concept behind this cultural exchange event and expressed his hope that the diverse activities would enhance mutual exchanges among young students from various countries. He also aimed to help foreign teachers and students gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, appreciate the Chinese spirit, and ultimately become global ambassadors for sharing Chinese stories and voices.

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Introduction to Chinese and Foreign Festival Culture

Traditional Chinese food experience

The Education Channel and Study Abroad Platform of China Daily reported on the cultural exchange activities held at Chaoyang and Changping campuses of BUCT. The coverage highlighted the cultural exchange event between Chinese and international students on June 10 at the Changping Campus, which included introductions to Chinese and foreign festival cultures and experiences with traditional Chinese food. During the event, representatives from the School of International Education, who collaborate on Chinese and foreign school programs, introduced the historical origins, customs, and dietary traditions of China's Dragon Boat Festival. Student representatives from the BUCT and KMITL International Summer School presented Thailand's traditional festivals and customs. In the subsequent "Chinese Traditional Food Making Small Classroom" session, teachers from the school's catering center guided Chinese and international students in making and tasting dumplings together.

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Exchange Activities of the China Story Micro-Publicity Group

Exchange activities of the China Story Micro-Publicity Group

 "China Scholars Abroad" WeChat account of the Ministry of Education reported on a visit to Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology by the China Story Micro-Publicity Group from BUCT  for a series of publicity and exchange activities. Zain Ul Abideen, a Pakistani international student from BUCT, discussed his studies and life at BUCT, highlighting the profound influence of Mr. Hou Debang's perseverance and scientific spirit. International students from both campuses learned to make sachets together, experienced the unique charm of Chinese medicine culture, and enjoyed the warmth and joy of traditional Chinese festivals.

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The media coverage of the 'Dragon Boat Festival, Talking about Friendship' cultural exchange activity between Chinese and international teachers and students reflects high recognition of our school's approach and success in international youth talent exchange programs. The school will continue to develop the "BUCT-based narrative system" aimed at "telling Chinese stories well and spreading Chinese voices," fostering understanding and exchanges among young people from various countries, enhancing mutual communication and friendship, and cultivating more international ambassadors to inherit and promote Chinese culture.