President of CUJAE Visits BUCT

On May 14th, a delegation from Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE) in Cuba led by President, Martha Delgado Dapena, and Foundation Chair, Danae Pigueiras Otero, paid a visit to Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT). The delegation was warmly received by Liu Guiqin, Secretary of the BUCT CPC Committee. Those who attended the meeting include faculty representatives from Office of the BUCT CPC Committee, BUCT International Exchange and Cooperation Department, BUCT School of International Education.

 Liu Guiqin delivers a speech.

Liu extended a warm welcome to the delegation and pointed out that CUJAE was the first university in Cuba that visited BUCT and the visit was of great significance in terms of in-depth implementation of Global Development Strategy and high-level foreign exchange and cooperation between two universities. He hoped that both parties would continuously deepen mutual understanding and enhance mutual trust and establish effective interschool cooperation through exchanging visits and mutual communication. On this basis, both parties could gradually launch exchange programs for students and teachers so that high-quality development in respects of talent cultivation and scientific research and so on could be effectively promoted.

 Martha Delgado Dapena delivers a speech.

Martha Delgado Dapena extended her heartfelt appreciation for the considerate reception from BUCT. She expressed that CUJAE, as one of the top technological universities in Cuba, shouldered the responsibility of cultivating high-end sci-tech talents for Cuba. In recent years, CUJAE has gradually launched communication and cooperation with Chinese universities and part of the ideals has been successfully implemented as programs. It is hoped that the communication this time shall create broader space for cooperation in terms of talent cultivation and scientific research for both universities.

 Representatives from both universities sign the Interschool Cooperation Framework Agreement.

Under the witness of the attendees, Liu Guiqin and Martha Delgado Dapena, respectively on behalf of BUCT and CUJAE, signed the Interschool Cooperation Framework Agreement, which officially started the cooperation between BUCT and universities in Cuba.

 The Meeting Site

Subsequently, both the attendees from BUCT and CUJAE had in-depth exchanges of ideas and agreed to cooperate on the aspects of launching student and teacher exchange programs, educational and scientific cooperation programs, and short-term programs and so on.

   About CUJAE, Cuba

Founded in 1976, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría is a leading national university in Cuba and a leading polytechnic university in Latin America. It consists of 9 faculties, 13 undergraduate programs, 28 postgraduate programs, 13 doctoral programs, 13 research centers, and multiple laboratories and large libraries. There are more than 110,000 students (7,000 undergraduates, 4,000 postgraduates) and more than 800 full-time teachers. Currently, nearly 500 international students from 60 countries are studying at the university. The university has carried out international exchanges and cooperation with more than 250 universities around the world. The university’s main research areas include life sciences, information and communication technology, energy, environment, industry, housing, food, national defense, management, education, and integrated management of water resources, and has made outstanding contributions to major scientific research in Cuba.