General Regulations for the Enrollment of International Students for Preparatory Program by Beijing University of Chemical Technology

[About BUCT]

Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT) is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, it has been listed in China's 211 Project and 985 Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform and has become a privileged multidisciplinary university based on its solid science subjects and strengthful engineering courses, and it is also a university sponsored by the government scholarship. The school consists of a total of 15 academies, with 15,331 full-time undergraduates, 7,055 graduate students (of which 953 are doctors), and 358 international degree students at school.

[Project Introduction]

This project is a six months preparatory course for international students who have graduated from high school with outstanding results and intend to pursue an undergraduate degree from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Through six month of study, students' ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese, as well as their understanding of basic professional courses will reach the admission level of the undergraduate majors taught in Chinese of BUCT.

[Course Setting]

Chinese, science Chinese, and mathematics are compulsory in the preparatory courses; physics and chemistry courses are elective according to the major orientation of students.

Curriculum Time

Course / Curricular Time


September   to next January

Basic Chinese Courses (28 lessons   / week)

Chinese (listening, speaking,   reading and writing)

Cultural Experience Courses (16   lessons / semester)

Calligraphy, painting, paper   cutting, Chinese knots, etc.

March to   July

(the   second year)

Basic Chinese Courses (20 lessons   / week)

Chinese (listening, speaking,   reading and writing)

Tutorial for HSK Courses (2   lessons / week)

HSK Level 4 Model Test

Science and Technology Chinese (6   lessons / week)

Scientific Chinese Reading

Professional Basic Courses (3   lessons / week)

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

(Please refer to the Admission Notice for the specific beginning time of school. The specific course schedule will be announced two weeks before the beginning of the school.)

[Tuition Fees]

Preparatory Education:

8250 yuan

*We offer 3-5 places and students are entitled to free tuition.

Undergraduate Education:

20,000 yuan / year. Students who perform excellent in the preparatory stage (with attendance rate over 80%) and pass the HSK Level 4 or above tests will be funded by a scholarship and enjoy tuition-free for the first year of undergraduate education.

[Applicant Qualifications]

1.      Be friendly to China and in good health

2.      Have a high school diploma or comparable educational background;

3.      Age 18-23 years; (those who are under 18 years old must prepare the notarial certificate of their guardians and other related procedures)

[Registration Time]

Registration deadline: June 15

Way of Applying

Log in to BUCT's online application system for international students or the official website of the School of International Education of BUCT, fill in the Application Form of the Preparatory Program of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and submit the following application materials:


1) High school graduation / pre-graduation certificate;

2) High school transcripts;

3) Personal passport scanned copy;

4) Please describe your previous Chinese learning experience and current Chinese level, and submit your HSK transcript if you have one);

5) 500 yuan of application fee (it can be directly paid in the registration system or paid in cash at the Finance Office of BUCT; the application fee is non-refundable);

6) Admission results for the autumn semesters will be notified before July 30, 2021. Please keep an eye on the email address you used for application.

Note:Translations in Chinese or English are required if your submitted materials are written in languages other than Chinese or English, and the translated documents must be certified by the notary authority or embassy of your country of domicile.



International Student Apartment of BUCT

Accommodation fee: 35yuan/person/day(double room)

70 yuan / person / day (single room)


Accepted candidates must bring their letters of admission and study-in-China visa application forms(JW202) to the Chinese embassy to apply for a study visa. Those who are going to study more than 6 months in China must apply for the X1 visa, and the X1 visa must be converted into a residence permit for study within 30 days after arriving in China.

[Medical Insurance]

International students studying in China must purchase medical insurance in China. Students can purchase medical insurance provided by China's Ping An Insurance Company at the registration desk on the registration day.

[Contact Information]

Address: Office of International Students, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China (Office 503, 5th Floor of BUCT Library, No. 15 East Road of Northern 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Zip code: 100029

Attn: Teacher Zhang

Telephone: 86-10-64438791

Fax: 86-10-64438791;







Course Categories of Bachelor Programs (4 years)

Chemistry   (★ Top 1 ‰ of the ESI-based disciplines)

Biological   Engineering (☆ Top 1% of the ESI-based disciplines)

Material   Science and Engineering (☆ Top 1% of the ESI-based disciplines)

Chemical   Engineering and Technology (☆ Top 1% of the ESI-based disciplines)

International   Economy and Trading

Information   Management and Information System

Computer   Science and Technology

Energy   Chemical Engineering

Environmental   Engineering

Polymer   Materials and Engineering

Machinery   Design, Manufacture and Automation

Functional   Materials

Applied   Chemistry


Electronic   Science and Technology

Process   Equipment and Control Engineering

Safety   Engineering


Measurement   and Control Technology and Instruments

Electronic   Information Engineering

Pharmaceutical   Engineering




Social   Sports and Management

Communications   Engineering

Digital   Media Art

Data   Science and Cloud Data Technology

Product   Design

Measurement   and Control Technology and Instruments

Information   Management and Information System

Logistics   Management

Business   Administration

Information   and Computing Science

Financial   Mathematics

Administrative   Management

Utilities   Management


Biomedical   Engineering