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Professor Bai Fengshan Deeply Distorts the Humanistic Spirit in Mathematics

On the afternoon of May 28th, Professor Bai Fengshan, Vice-chairman of the University Mathematics Curriculum Teaching Higher Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education and the doctoral tutor of Tsinghua University, at the B-stage 101 of the main teaching building of the Changping Campus, gave a high-end lecture called The Human life of Mathematics to our students.

Mathematics is the foundation of all disciplines and the only way to scientific research for our students. But is mathematics only a science in science, or is there a humanism and humanistic spirit for all disciplines and for all scientific research that we humans face and engage in? As a master in mathematics research and teaching, Professor Bai Fengshan told the students at the beginning that mathematics was not only a science, but also a humanistic spirit. It explained the existence in a near-precise way, and It provided a logical way of thinking that explained the relationships among all beings, and opened up the thinking rationality of human beings, so that human beings could directly reach the other side of the existence of truth by means of mathematical laws.