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The Notice of BUCT International Summer Camp for S & T Innovation

In order to advance the opening up of education, promote the "double first-class" construction and international development process of BUCT, attract outstanding students, and expand the scale of international students. BUCT actively cooperates with overseas countries in the fields of talent training, scientific &technological cooperation, and cultural exchanges. In order to further develop the role of international education and scientific& technological cooperation in universities to build a global community of destiny, we will hold BUCT International Summer Camp for S & T Innovation in July 2019.

Following is the introduction of the program:

Introduction of the Program

1. Program Advantages

Stimulating the Potential of Innovation & Creativity

Improving Scientific Literacy and Humanistic Literacy

Expanding International Vision& Experience Multiculturalism

Improving Team Spirit and Practical Abilities

Obtaining Scholarship Opportunities

2. Time and Venue

July 8th –July 19th 2019

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

3. Program Language


4. Potetial Candidates

Both undergraduate and graduates are eligible.

Faculty are welcome to be the students team leader (Research cooperation chance and agenda will be arranged in personalization).

5. Program Scale

International Summer Camp for S & T Innovation is expected to enroll around120 international students from the world.

6. Activities

◎S&T Innovation Lectures given by professors and experts

  • Development Situation and Trends of Advanced Materials Development Situation
  • Development Situation and Trends of New Energy and Renewable Energy
  • Development Situation and Trends of Green Chemistry
  • Development Situation and Trends of China Economics and Industry

◎Chinese Culture Experience Courses

  • China S&T History
  • China Architecture
  • Chinese Food
  • Calligraphy

◎Companies/Enterprises Visiting

◎Famous Sightseeing Tour

  • Great Wall
  • Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
  • Temple of Heaven

7. Credits and Certification

Three Credits and Participating Certification will be award to the participants

8. Accommodation & Cost

  • Accommodation in BUCT: International Students Dorm for Free.
  • Tuition/Training fee: Free
  • Company visiting/Sightseeing Tour: Free
  • International Round-way Flights Ticket: Self-Pay
  • Meal: Self-Pay (Food in Dining room is available and about 2 US Dollars per meal)

9. Application& Enrolment

Application Deadline:10th May, 2019 Application


  • Fill in the application form (attached)  
  • Sent the application form to the email address by participants or by the related officers of participant’s universities.
  • BUCT will review the application form of the students, and will send the acceptance letter to the qualified candidates.


School of International Education, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

◎Address: East Campus: Fifth Floor of Library, No. 15 Bei San Huan East road, Beijing, 100029, P. R. China

North Campus: Fifth Floor of Library, No.15 NeiKang Mountain Road, Changping District, 102200, P. R. China

◎Tel: 0086-010-64438791

◎Email: summercamp@mail.buct.edu.cn

◎web site: http://english.buct.edu.cn/

◎Contact person: Summer Zhang (MS.)