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  • 1958In 1958, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) was established under the leadership of the Ministry of Chemical Industries. The university was then known as the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology (BICT).
  • 1960In October, 1960, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to classify the university as a National Key Institution. The university then had 3 departments, with a total of 12 undergraduate majors, and 3,150 students. The campus building area was 90,000 square meters.
  • 1971-1976From 1971 to 1976, the university recruited 6 sessions of students who were workers, peasants, or soldiers. In October, 1971, the school merged with the Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology. (BUCT was then still known as the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology). During this period, the school had a substantial adjustment of its majors, discontinued all the “top-secret” majors, and started various new majors. The school had 5 departments with 14 majors in total.
  • 1977In October, 1977, the unified college entrance examination system was resumed, and four-year undergraduates were enrolled.
  • 1978 In 1978, the first graduate students were enrolled, and in October, 1978, the Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology was separated from BICT.
  • 1994In February,1994, BICT was renamed “Beijing University of Chemical Technology”.
  • 1996In April, 1996, the former Institute of Chemical Management Cadres was incorporated into BUCT.
  • 1998In September, 1998, BUCT was officially affiliated to the Ministry of Education.
  • 2001In July, 2001, BUCT passed the inspection of the national "211 Project" during the period of the "Ninth Five-Year".