[TEST]Learning the speech spirit of the governor more active to promote the development of the school

Learningthe speech spirit of the governor more active to promote thedevelopment of the school

On the afternoon of May3, the school held a special meeting to convey the spirit of thegovernor's speech and the governor's instruction on the constructionand development of our school. Meeting stressed should actively studyand implement provincial party committee, provincial governmentdecision deployment, earnestly implement the governor about speechspirit, closely around the construction of internationalization,openness, distinctive, the goal of high-level university, improve thesense of mission and sense of responsibility, enhance globalawareness, enhance ideological consensus, seize opportunities, clingto implement, more active for continuously create a new situation,the school development to promote transformation and upgrading, speedup the development of school.

Since the beginning oflast year, the governor has put forward his ardent hope for thedevelopment of the school on many public occasions, conductedinvestigations in the school in person, held several specialconferences and seminars, etc., guided the school to change its name,and pushed the school's various undertakings into the fast track ofscientific development. Governor in the province on April 13, no.12,investigation and discussion, message four demands education workers,stressing the need to closely around jiangsu province's economic andsocial development and industry upgrade and the quality of the wholesociety civilization promoted, further enhance the sense of missionand sense of responsibility, promote the development of jiangsueducation programs was accelerated, with "successful don't haveto be in my" means, consolidate the basis of long-termdevelopment in jiangsu province.