[TEST]Our school held a grand celebration for the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and a commendation conference

Ourschool held a grand celebration for the 95th anniversary of thefounding of the Communist Party of China and a commendationconference

On themorning of June 30th, our school celebrated the 95th anniversary ofthe Founding of the Communist Party of China and held a commendationconference in the academic lecture hall. The secretary, President,deputy secretary and vice President attended the meeting. The meetingwas presided over by the headmaster.

The partysecretary extended festive greetings to all party members andcongratulated the collectives and individuals who had won therecognition. He reviewed the great valuable experience of the Party'sconstruction from five aspects and pointed out that the most valuabletheoretical and practical quality of Marxism is to keep pace with TheTimes and innovate constantly. Each period of the Party's developmentbenefits from this character of theoretical innovation. Therefore, weshould unswervingly adhere to this confidence in the path, theory andsystem, and constantly open up a new realm of China's futuredevelopment. The most valuable spirit and ideal pursuit of Marxism isto take the highest interests of all mankind -- the realization ofcommunism as the ultimate goal. Is to realize their own development,while making contributions to the nation and mankind.

Theheadmaster asked to seriously review our grass-roots partyorganization construction in recent years and the advanced experienceof the party member troop construction, promote grass-roots partyconstruction innovation constantly, promote the scientific level, theschool party construction work to further consolidate the party'smass line education practice and "three real steady tightening"special education achievement, promote "two learn how to make a"education in-depth study. He asked party organizations at all levelsof the school to earnestly learn from advanced experience, find gaps,form a strong atmosphere to catch up and make greater contributionsto promoting the better and faster development of the school. , hestressed that the commendation congress is of great significance topromote and learn advanced exemplary party members and the partyorganization, to further stimulate the basic-level party organizationand general communist party members muster, solid work, to emancipatethe mind, solidarity, have "much starker choices-and graverconsequences-in" for the school, a good step, provide strongorganization guarantee for the transformation of school development.