[TEST]Our school held a meeting on discipline inspection and supervision of cadres

Ourschool held a meeting on discipline inspection and supervision ofcadres

On February 7, theschool held a work meeting for discipline inspection and supervisioncadres to study and implement the spirit of relevant documents of theCPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the requirementsof the Work meeting of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and watchthe anti-corruption movie "You Need to Be Hard in Making Iron".The deputy secretary of the Party Committee and the secretary of theDiscipline Inspection committee presided over the meeting andattended the Party class.

Meeting requirements,all the cadres of discipline inspection to "wholeheartedly alldisciplinary inspection, grasp the supervision", continuouslystrengthen learning, keep the discipline's in front, and accuratelygrasp the use of supervision and enforcement "four kinds ofform", earnestly implement the "supervision andenforcement, accountability", to "loyal, clean, ACTS as a"standard strict with themselves, to promote the construction ofschool movement. The whole school should continue to expand thelearning education of "two studies and one action", deepenthe "four teachings and four qualities" in the "twostudies and one action", set up qualified standards, draw outthe bottom line of being a person and doing things, set up thevanguard image of party members, create a more clean and uprightcampus culture, and provide a strong guarantee for the school'stransformation and development.