[TEST]Our school will hold the 2020 Work Conference on party Conduct and Clean government construction

Ourschool will hold the 2020 Work Conference on party Conduct and Cleangovernment construction

Onthe morning of February 26, our school held the 2020 Party Spirit andclean government building conference, in which the Secretary of theParty Committee, the deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, thePresident, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, the secretaryof the Discipline Inspection Committee and the vice Presidentattended the conference, and the leading cadres at the deputy sectionlevel and above attended the conference. The meeting was presidedover by the vice-chancellor.

First of all, thedeputy Secretary made a report on implementing the requirements ofComprehensively Governing the Party with Strict Discipline andpromoting the construction of party conduct, clean government andanti-corruption work in our school. The report from set up theconsciousness of "four" to carry out the comprehensivegoverning party requirements, rich education platform, to strengthenthe system construction, to carry out the rectification of risk, findloopholes, the practice of "four kinds of form", strictenforcement supervision, strengthen the audit work, strengthen teamconstruction, etc., in 2019 the school party to build a cleangovernment and anti-corruption work is summarized. Then the task ofbuilding a clean and honest party in 2020 is deployed. He hoped thatall the teachers in our school could firmly establish the "fourconsciousness", stick to the discipline and rules in front, pushour school to develop from strict party governance to deepdevelopment, constantly achieve new achievements in the constructionof party conduct and clean government, and provide a strong guaranteefor the transformation and development of our school.