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Research Results of Layered Functional Materials Engineering Goes Abroad

 On March 30th, the Research Group led by Professor Lei Xiaodong in Academician Duan Xue’s team from State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering and Thailand Siam Cement Group Chemical Co., Ltd.(SCG) jointly held the signing ceremony and kick-off meeting for LDH project in Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT). According to the contract, SCG would further cooperate with BUCT in the engineering technology of the new layered functional materials with high specific surface area.

Siam Cement Group Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 1913, covers five core businesses: Chemical Engineering, Paper-making, Cement, Building Materials and Trading. So far SCG CHEMICALS is the biggest integrated chemical enterprise in Thailand. Based on the small-scale and mufti-field cooperation between two sides for the last two years, this project would further make the best use of layered functional materials’ abundant structural performances and widely apply BUCT’s engineering manufacturing technologies of proprietary intellectual property rights into SCG’s several business areas, to improve SCG traditional products’ quality and core competitiveness in international markets.  

The project adviser Dermot O'Hare(Professor of Oxford University), SCG senior executives like Niwat Athiwattananont, Piyasak Damronglerd and Khavinet Lourvani, Professor Nie Jun (Dean of BUCT College of Science), Professor Song Yufei (Vice-dean of BUCT College of Science), Professor Lei Xiaodong in charge of the project, Professor D.G Evans, Professor Lin Yanjun and Associate Professor Han Jingbin attended the contract signing ceremony. After the ceremony, both sides conducted in-depth technical exchanges and made specific plans on the engineering techniques, equipment, design, construction, installment and debugging on the production line. The pilot production base will be built in Linyi City, Shandong Province and the massive industrialized units have been proposed to set up in Thailand SCG.

| | Source: International Exchanges and Cooperation Department | Date: 2016-04-08