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An Academic Lecture on “Artistic Charm of Peking Opera” Held in BUCT North Campus


On the afternoon of April 1st, an academic lecture titled “Artistic Charm of Peking Opera”was successfully held in the North Campus of Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT), which was attended by Xu Jiaxi, Chief of Division of BUCT Academic Affairs Office. The keynote speaker was Liu Yuchen, vice-president of Beijing Peking Opera Theater.

Before the lecture, Mr. Xu introduced Beijing Peking Opera Theater as well as Mr. Liu and his academic achievements. Then Mr. Liu was invited to give a lecture on Peking Opera for present students.

Firstly, Mr. Liu started with Yuanqu (a type of verse popular in the Yuan Dynasty) and ended with modern Peking Opera integrating several elements after Kunqu Opera in the Ming Dynasty and Anhui Opera and Peking Opera in the Qing Dynasty, briefing the history of Chinese operas. By taking important figures in the history of Peking Opera for examples, he explained how Kunqu Opera, Anhui Opera, Hanchu Opera, Banqiang-style clapper melody and folk tunes were blended into Peking Opera gradually.    

Afterwards, Mr. Liu introduced Peking Opera from three aspects: virtuality, pattern and integrity. During the lecture, he invited Ms. Suo Mingfang (the national renowned Peking Opera actress) to perform live for students, showing how to present a scene in Peking Opera with language, movements and few items.  

Finally, Mr. Liu showed students Peking Opera’s advancement in theatrical performances through the comments on Mei Lanfang’s performances made by Konstantin Stanislavski (Master of Overseas Theater Experience Art School) and Bertolt Brecht(Master of Overseas Theater Expression Art School). Meanwhile, he pointed out now we need learn and pass on the skills because Peking Opera was no longer the focus of people’s attention as it used to be in its glorious days. 

At the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Liu encouraged students to watch more of live Peking Opera and said he was also willing to bring Peking Opera into schools, allowing students to have more opportunities of knowing its charm.   

| | Source: International Exchanges and Cooperation Department | Date: 2016-04-06