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“China-U.S. Plus Clean Stoves Strategic Forum” Held in Beijing

On June 6th and 7th,“China-U.S. Plus Clean Stoves Strategic Forum”, held by Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), was organized by Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), and China Stoves Network in Beijing. It was a supporting activity for the 7th China-U.S. High-level Cultural and Educational Exchanges Consultation Mechanism. MOST Deputy Minister Yin Hejun, U.S. President’s IT Assistant John Holdren, Counselor Cai Jianing of MOST International Cooperation Department, and Deputy Assistant Secretary Margolis from United States Department of State attended. BUCT President Tan Tianwei presided over the thematic forum held on the afternoon of June 6th, and leaders from International Exchanges and Cooperation Department, Science and Technology Research Institute,School of Graduate Studies, College of Chemical Engineering, College of International Education also attended.

In the forum, MOST Deputy Minister Yin Hejun pointed out that since China and U.S. were partners in the joint research on clean stoves for over ten years, they had made significant progress and gained many experiences. And he hoped both sides could join hands to make full use of complementary advantages to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. By initiating China-U.S cooperation in science and technology, MOST would be devoted to establishing the platform for international researches on clean stoves, supporting the joint researches on clean stoves among research organizations, universities and colleges and enterprises of both sides, exploring  “China-U.S. Plus”cooperative new models catering for scientific and technological products and services of a third country. U.S. President’s IT Assistant John Holdren said that China-U.S. sincere cooperation in the past years provided guidance for clean stoves’ researches and promotion, and U.S. would work along with China to further facilitate the research and industrial development in this area.

President Tan Tianwei expressed that clean stoves and clean fuel technology was an important research area related to many aspects like environment, energy, sanitation and health. Clean stoves played a significant role in people’s life. China-U.S. achieved a series of crucial results and continued to broaden and deepen their cooperation in clean stoves. Afterwards, the “Chinese-foreign Youth Talking Show on Clean Stoves and My Homeland” was organized by BUCT foreign student representatives on the spot where students from Pakistan, Bulgaria, East Timor, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Libya, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Senegal, Uganda and Indonesia, talked about the development of clean stoves in their own countries and their expectations on the future of clean stoves. At the same time, they conducted a charitable survey on global clean stoves themed “Green Heart and Blue Dream”, which was spoken highly of by the leaders from both China and U.S.. Then 14 professor representatives from universities (including BUCT) and research centers in both China and U.S. issued a joint statement that they were willing to co-sponsor the establishment of China-U.S. Clean Stoves and Fuel Joint Research Center (hereafter called the Center) to further broaden mutual exchanges and cooperation in the area.

On the morning of the day, Vice-president Li Xianyang, on behalf of the Chinese side, made a speech in the forum. He pointed out that BUCT paid great attention to the researches in clean stoves and developed a series of in-depth cooperative programs with U.S. Counterparts. Meanwhile, “China Innovation Alliance for Clean Stoves Industrial Technologies”, initiated by BUCT and promoted by over 30 units in Chinese industrial and academic circles of clean stoves, was established to provide a sustainable cooperative platform for industries, universities and research institutions in this area.

During the forum, President Tan Tianwei accompanied MOST Deputy Minister Yin Hejun and Mr. John Holdren to visit the exhibition of China-U.S. results in clean stoves and see Chinese representative clean stoves products. China and U.S. experts gave academic lectures and exchanged opinions on  topics like household fuel structures, stove standards, stove designs, stove performances testing and pollution control, stoves promotion and so on. On June the 7th, China and U.S. professionals conducted in-depth exchanges in BUCT about the Center’s specific research tasks in the next stage and the establishment of  clean stoves’ international standards.

This forum, held by MOST, was organized by BUCT, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and China Stoves Network in Beijing. Over 200 representatives from foreign organizations  like U.S. Department of State, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University in St. Louis, as well as over 50 domestic units including China Ministry of Science and Technology, China Rural Energy Industry Association, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Research Institute of Environmental Sciences, China Coal Science Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute of Environmental Sciences, and China Outstanding Clean Stoves Enterprises attended.

Writer: Xue Chunyu, Zhang Siyuan | Provider: College of Chemical Engineering, International Affairs Office, College of International Education | Photo: Zhang Lu, Xu Shengkai

| | Source: International Exchanges and Cooperation Department | Date: 2016-06-07