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BUCT Achieves Remarkable Results in the 2019 Chem-E-Car Competition of China

On May 11th, the third 2019 Chem-E-Car Competition of China sponsored by the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and Chemical Industry Teaching Higher Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education was held at Nanjing Tech University. A total of 291 contestants from 30 universities participated in the competition, and more than 300 delegates attended and watched the event. The competition was a competition for college students applying Chemical Engineering and Technology and interdisciplinary applications. The team was required to use the chemical reaction as the power source, design and manufacture “a chemical car” that could not only load, but also be precisely controlled the travel distance without using any commercial battery. Taking the teacher Liu Junteng of the College of Chemical Engineering as the instructor, the BUCT-E-CAR team consisting of 10 undergraduates from different disciplines such as Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, passed the professional security review through the intense design, production and experiment for more than four months. After two rounds of competition, our team finally achieved the fourth place of the Performance Contest and the Best Long-term Performance Award with a stable performance.