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College of Science

College Name Research Interests Title
Science DU Zhenxia Chemistry Professor
Science FENG Yongjun Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Engineering, Applied Chemistry Professor
Science JIANG Shanshan Mathematics Associate Professor
Science LI Zenghe Indoor environment analysis and swage treatment,Development of reference materials,Chemiluminescent material,Material modification Professor
Science LIU Junfeng Chemical Engineering,Chemistry Professor
Science LU Jun Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Condensed State Physics, Chemical Engineering Professor
Science SONG Yufei Chemistry, Material Science, Chemical Engineering Professor
Science WAN Pingyu Chemistry Professor
Science WANG Wei Physics,Material,Chemistry Professor
Science WANG Zhuo Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry Professor
Science YANG Wensheng Inorganic chemistry,Physical chemistry,Analysis chemistry,Material chemistry Professor
Science YIN Xiong Physical Chemistry,Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied chemistry Associate Professor
Science ZHOU Yunshan Chemistry Professor
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