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Degree Programs

Costs of Self-financed International Students Studying in China

Registration fee: RMB500 per person(only once when application)

Tuition fee:

  Doctoral Students: RMB35000/year                  Advanced Study: RMB30000/year

  Master Students: RMB30000/year                  General Study: RMB25000/year

  Master Students for English Instructed: RMB35000/year

 Undergraduate Students: RMB20000/year

Long-term Language Students: RMB8250/term

The tuition fees of short-term language students vary with specific time, number of persons, teaching and activities contents.

Accommodation: RMB 50/60 Yuan per bed/ per day in the east campus

           RMB 10,800 /year (12 months) in the north campusor 50 Yuan/per day/per room

Insurance fee: RMB800/year